At the heart of the Andries Stockenström Guesthouse, is Gordon’s Restaurant, one of the culinary oases of South Africa.

Slow Karoo food is a passion here and the dinners are legendary.

Gordon’s Restaurant, epitomizes owner & Chef Gordon Wright’s passion for good, honest food.

Turning local and regional products into a fine art is what sets his cuisine apart and has cognoscenti proclaiming it among South Africa's finest. Knowing the origin of his food “from the veld to the fork” is Gordon’s ethos and ensures that only the finest quality local products are used.

Following the principles of the International Slow Food movement, (of which Gordon is the founding member of the Karoo convivium) only local ingredients such as venison, (hunted by Gordon himself) organic Karoo lamb and home grown vegetables find their way onto and form the foundation of his famous 4 course set menu.

The set menu changes daily and is dependant on what is seasonally available and at it’s freshest. It is also entirely situated in Gordon’s head, so don’t ask to see it unless you want a tour of his gardens or a visit to a local farm.

If fast food is your thing, you are in the wrong place.
If you are in a hurry, you are in the wrong place.
If you eat just to live, you are definitely in the wrong place

If, however, you live to eat and are looking for a relaxed Karoo dining experience, kissed with a passion for food that only Gordon can add, then join our guests from across the globe and savour our Karoo Cuisine, a glass of fine South African wine and a welcome seasoned with traditional Karoo hospitality and warmth by your hosts Gordon & Rose Wright and our friendly staff.

Slow Karoo food at it’s best is what Gordon’s Restaurant is all about.

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